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Jarrah Aviation Academy is an EASA Approved Training Organisation located in Jordan specialized in theoretical knowledge training for PPL, CPL and ATPL courses. In addition Jarrah Aviation Academy is offering  ICAO to EASA FCL conversion courses and aviation English language training. 


Through a cooperation with the EASA authority “Austro Control” (the civil aviation authority of Austria) Jarrah Aviation Academy is delighted to offer pilot licensing examinations in full accordance with regulation EU No 1178/2011 (Part - FCL) on site in Jordan. 


The main partner for flight training in Europe is “RivAir Pilot Ltd.” HU.ATO.0098, an EASA approved flying academy in Hungary. Jarrah Aviation is dedicated to give whatever we can do for our students, helping them to reach their dream and the highest level in aviation. Theoretical knowledge training and exams are conducted in Jordan; the flight training takes place at Szeged Airport, Hungary but can also be done in any EASA member state.

Jarrah Aviation is the exclusive dealer for Aircademy Ground School (EASA FCL theory examinations preparation platform) in Asia and Africa. This platform is for Flight Schools, Theory instructors and Pilot Students.

Feras Jarrah

Meet Our Instructors

Feras Jarrah

Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

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