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ICAO ATPL (unfrozen) to EASA conversion

Note: We can deliver the theoretical exam only, but we can be of assistance in regard to the practical part as well.  

Pre - entry Requirements:

Valid and current ICAO ATPL with type rating

EASA Medical (class 1) Certificate

Practical experience according to regulation EU No. 1178/2011 (Part – FCL) FCL 510.A (b)

Applicants for an ATPL(A) shall have completed a minimum of 1 500 hours of flight time in aeroplanes, including at least:


(1) 500 hours in multi-pilot operations on aeroplanes;

(2) (i) 500 hours as PIC under supervision; or

(ii) 250 hours as PIC; or

(iii) 250 hours, including at least 70 hours as PIC, and the remaining as PIC under supervision;

(3) 200 hours of cross-country flight time of which at least 100 hours shall be as PIC or as PIC under supervision;

(4) 75 hours of instrument time of which not more than 30 hours may be instrument ground time; and

(5) 100 hours of night flight as PIC or co-pilot.

Of the 1 500 hours of flight time, up to 100 hours of flight time may have been completed in an FFS and FNPT. Of these 100 hours, only a maximum of 25 hours may be completed in an FNPT.


The Theoretical Training:

According to Article 8 of Regulation EU No. 1178/2011 (Part - FCL) applicants for a conversion of an ATPL may be given full credit as regards the requirements to undergo a training course prior to undertaking the theoretical knowledge examinations and the skill test, provided that the third country licence contains a valid type rating for the aircraft to be used for the ATPL skill test.

Type rating skill test: should be done with EASA examiner and EASA approved SIM centre on the type to be rated on the ATPL license.


RT license:

To fly in Europe, you need to have a Radio Telephony (RT) license on IR level.

Language proficiency check (LPC)

All EASA - Pilots must have at least a Level 4 of the ICAO language grading.

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