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ICAO CPL/IR/MEP to EASA conversion course

The aim of the course is to train an ICAO CPL/IR/MEP holder to the level of proficiency necessary to enable him to operate as co-pilot on multi pilot, multi engine airplanes in commercial air transportation, according to the EASA Part-FCL. Upon successful completion of the course, the pilot will be awarded the EASA Part-FCL CPL/IR/MEP with ATPL Theory Credit. We can deliver the theory training and exams part only, but we can help in recommendations for flying part.

Pre-Entry Requirements:

  • Valid and current ICAO CPL/IR/MEP

  • EASA Medical (class 1) Certificate

  • At least 200 hrs total flight time

  • At least 100 hrs as PIC

  • At least one X-country trip 300 NM


The Theoretical Training:

The ATPL theoretical knowledge course comprises of 13 subjects and includes CATS approved inter-active distance learning training, progress tests and sample exams. The minimum duration of the course is 3 months and can commence at any time during the year. The course is designed to be completed via distance learning. Private Sessions with our ground instructors and exam preparation seminars are available on demand in our school in Jordan with extra fees.

Based on Part-FCL Ref L311/77: 

1. Applicants for an ATPL(A) who complete their theoretical knowledge instruction at a modular course shall:

(a) hold at least a PPL(A) issued in accordance with Annex 1 to the Chicago Convention; and complete at least the following hours of theoretical knowledge instruction:

(1) for applicants holding a PPL(A): 650 h;

(2) for applicants holding a CPL(A): 400 h;

(3) for applicants holding an IR(A): 500 h;

(4) for applicants holding a CPL(A) and an IR(A): 250 h.


EASA exams: applicant must pass the 14 ATPL EASA exams.

The Flight Training:

In addition to the pre-requirements, the flight training course comprises a certain number of training flying hours (depends on the EASA ATO and EASA authority requirements) and covers the conversion training for the CPL, MEP class rating and IR (SEP and MEP).  This flight training can be conducted with any EASA  ATO. It is highly recommended that the applicant before starting any conversion process to decide which EASA state he/she is interesting to issue the license, then choose an ATO under this authority and ask them for the exact requirements and process needed for conversion.  If the applicant doesn’t meet the pre-requirements, he/she must do extra flying hours to meet the requirements.

RT license:

To fly in Europe, you need to have a Radio Telephony (RT) license on IR level.


Language proficiency check (LPC)

All EASA - Pilots must have at least a Level 4 of the ICAO

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